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Dog Leather Bone Toys

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Leather Bone Chew Toys For Dog When you go home, you may see your house which is in a mess...
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Leather Bone Chew Toys For Dog

  • When you go home, you may see your house which is in a mess and your dog is still chewing something. Most things you buy for her/him is damaged. At this time, you may need a durable thing that can bear the biting and attract your girl/boy at the same time. This bone shaped chew toy is made for this purpose.
  • When you buy something for your dog to chew, you may worry about its safety. This chew toy, which is made from raw cowhide, comes without any food additives. Safe toys for your puppy to chew and bite.
  • This teeth cleaning toy can also grind your pet's teeth and reduce oral problems like halitosis, dental plaque, gingivitis etc.
  • The main material of this chew toy contains rich protein and nutrients needed for pet growth, which is good for your pets.
  • The bone shape toy can better attract your dogs as the bone can increase their bite force, clean their teeth and keeps the healthy teeth.
  • When your pet is staying at home, she/he can bite the bone shaped chew toy, which is good for their digest system. And then when you go home, your pet is chewing this toy instead of other furniture etc. and will not eat something that cannot eat.

Color: Brown/Yellow
Material: Raw cowhide
Item Type: Chew Toys
Dog Size: S,M,L


Size Length
XS 12cm/4.72"
S 15cm/5.91"
M 20cm/7.87"
L 25cm/9.84"
 XL 30cm/11.81"

Package Include:

1 x Leather Bone Chew Toys For Dog

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